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    Shareholder Update  
    Shareholder Update - Post Capital Raise  
    Annual General Meeting - Results of Meeting  
    2020 Annual Report  
    Larus Energy Corporate Update - Q1 - 2021  
    Shareholder Update - Capital Raise  
    Shareholder Update - March 2021  
    Chairman's Address & Voting Results  
    Chairman’s Address  
    Exploration Managers - AGM Presentation  
    2018 Annual Report  
    SHAREHOLDER UPDATE - 8th June 2018  
    Shareholder Update 19 April 2018  
    Shareholder Update 1 December 2017  
    Exploration Manager - AGM presentation 3-8-17  
    Proxy Form - Web Version  
    Shareholder Update 24 July 2017  
    2016 Annual Report  
    Shareholder Update  
    Shareholder Update  
    ExxonMobil and Total Apply to Enter Torres Basin - Update  
    Notice of Annual General Meeting  
    2015 Annual Report  
    SEAPEX 2016 Presentation - Dr Michael Swift  
    Capital Raise Notification and Shareholder Update  
    Shareholder Update  
    'Larus Launches Capital Campaign', PNG Resources, Issue 3 2015  
    Shareholder Update  
    Capital Raise Notification and Shareholder Update  
    'A Promising Frontier', PNG Report, August 2015  
    CEO Presentation - AGM 2015  
    Exploration Manager Presentation - AGM 2015  
    Shareholder Update  
    Shareholder Update  
    PPL326 Farmout Flyer  
    Shareholder Update  
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    Shareholder Update  
    2014 Annual Report  
    Placement Update  
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    Placement Notice  
    Shareholder Update  
    Non-Executive Director Appointment  
    Shareholder Change of Address Information  
    AGM Presentation - Exploration Manager  
    AGM Presentation - Chief Executive Officer  
    2013 Annual Report  
    Shareholder Update  
    Larus announces Board changes  
    Appointment of Director  
    Shareholder Update  
    Annual Report 2012  
    Notice of Resumption of Adjourned Annual General Meeting  
    Investor update  
    Larus Investment Presentation  
    Larus Capital Raising Update  
Attached is a letter from SCM setting out details of an opportunity to participate in a further capital raising at 10.0 cents with options attaching.  
    Notice of Annual General Meeting  
The Company's AGM is to be held on Friday 31 May 2013. The Executive Chairman and Exploration Manager will provide updates to the meeting.  
    Thomas Abe appointed to the Board  
Larus Energy Limited is pleased to advise that Mr. Thomas Abe has been appointed to the Board.  
    Board & Management Changes and Future Direction  
Changes to the Larus Board & Management + Future Direction  
    Shareholder Update - Dr John Hewson appointed as Director  
Dr. John Hewson has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director of the Company.  
    Shareholder Update - PNG Mining and Petroleum Conference  
Managing Director, Mr. David Williams' presentation to the Twelfth Papua New Guinea Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference in Sydney on 5 December 2012  
    Shareholder Update - Activities  
An update on progress in relation to Larus Energy's two assets comprising Papua New Guinea PPL326 and Gippsland Basin tenements.  
    RIU Good Oil Conference Presentation  
Access the video of the presentation made by the Managing Director of the Company , David Williams, at the RIU Good Oil Conference in Perth.  
    Shareholder update - RIU Good Oil Conference  
The Company’s Managing Director, David Williams, today addressed the RIU Good Oil Conference in Perth.  
    The Economic Observer of China - Chinese  
The official Australia Report was published on August 20th, 2012 as a special section within The Economic Observer to its over 2.5 million weekly readers.  
    Shareholder Update - The Economic Observer of China  
Larus Energy has been featured in The Australia Trade Report for The Economic Observer of China and the August Issue of The Oil & Gas Gazette.  
    Shareholder Update - Activities  
An update on activities in both PNG and Australia.  
    17th Asia Upstream Conference Presentation  
Managing Director's Presentation to 17th Asia Upstream Conference in Singapore.  
    Shareholder Update - Company Strategy  
This Shareholder Update briefly describes our forward strategy in relation to both our flagship asset in Papua New Guinea - PPL326 and capital management.  
    Presentations posted on Company Website  
The Company has posted a number of recent presentations on its website.  
    AGM - Results of Meeting  
Results in respect of each of the resolutions considered at the AGM held on 1 May 2012  
    Annual General Meeting - Introduction  
AGM Presentation - Introduction & Proxy Details  
    AGM - Managing Director's Presentation  
Annual General Meeting - 1 May 2012 - Managing Director's Presentation  
    AGM - Exploration Manager's Presentation  
Annual General Meeting - 1 May 2012 - Exploration Manager's Presentation  
    PESA NSW Presentation  
The Company's Exploration Manager will be presenting on PNG PPL 326 to PESA NSW on 8 May 2012 and all are cordially invited to attend.  
    Notice of Annual General Meeting  
The AGM will be held at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia at 3.30 pm on Tuesday 1 May 2012. The Notice of Meeting and PROXY FORM is attached.  
    PNG - Conclusion of Abau Shallow Water Seismic Survey  
Report on the Abau Shallow Water Seismic Survey conducted in PNG PPL 326 which recently concluded.  
    PNG PPL 326 Exploration Update  
An update on exploration activities currently being undertaken by the Company in its PNG PPL 326.  
    Shareholder update 16.02.12  
Report prepared for the Company on marine biodiversity and ecology in PNG PPL 326.  
    2011 Annual Report  
    2011 Annual Report  
2011 Annual Report + Date of AGM to be confirmed.  
    PNG Shallow Water Seismic Survey  
The Company has entered into a contract to conduct a shallow water 2D seismic survey in PPL326 in PNG.  
    Conferences Update - December 2011  
An update on the Conferences which the Company presented at in November 2011.  
    Oil Council Conference November 2012 Presentation  
Presentation by Managing Director to the Oil Council's World Energy Capital Assembly in London on 17 November 2012.  
    Activities Update - November 2011  
A brief update on the activities the Company has been undertaking over the last 3 months
    2011 Half Yearly Report  
    2011 Half Yearly Report  
The Company has issued an unaudited Financial Report for the 2011 Half Year  
    Board Changes  
There has been some changes internally within the Board structure.  
    PPL 326 - Baramata 2D Seismic Survey Update  
The Baramata 2D seismic survey in PPL 326 in PNG has completed the acquisition phase and an update of the outcomes is provided in this Update.  
    PPL 326 Exploration Update  
An update on developments with exploration activities in PPL 326 in PNG.  
    PPL 326 - Offshore Seismic Acquisition  
Larus Energy is about to commence the first targetted 2D seisimic acquisition in the offshore part of PPL 326  
    Name Change  
Newport Energy Limited has changed its name to Larus Energy Limited.  
    PNG Gas Developments Conference 2011  
Presentation at PNG Gas Developments Conference at Cairns on 15 June 2011  
    Results of General Meeting 14 June 2011  
The attached announcement details the results of the General Meeting of the Company held at 10.00am 14 June 2011 at Level 2, 3 Spring Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia  
    General Meeting June 2011  
A General Meeting of Shareholders will be held at 10.00am (EST) on 14 June 2011  
    Social Mapping Survey Report  
Preliminary Report on Social Mapping and Land Owner Identification Study on PPL 326 prepared by Firewall Logistics and lodged with PNG Department of Petroleum  
    Chairman's AGM Address and Further briefing  
    AGM 2011  
Documents issued for AGM of Company held on 5 April 2011  
    Exploration Update  
    2010 Shareholder Review and Update