Larus Energy Corporate Update - Q1 - 2021  
    Shareholder Update - Capital Raise  
    Exploration Manager - AGM Presentation - 7-6-2018  
    Shareholder Update 1 December 2017  
    Exploration Manager - AGM presentation 3-8-17  
    SEAPEX 2016 Presentation - Dr Michael Swift  
    CEO Presentation - AGM 2015  
    Exploration Manager Presentation - AGM 2015  
    PPL326 Farmout Flyer  
    Investment Notes  
    AGM Presentation - Exploration Manager  
    AGM Presentation - Chief Executive Officer  
    Larus Investment Presentation  
    Presentation to PNG Mining and Petroleum Conference  
Mr. David Williams presentation to the 12th Papua New Guinea Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference in Sydney on 5 December 2012  
    RIU Good Oil Conference Presentation  
Access the video of the presentation made by the Managing Director of the Company , David Williams, at the RIU Good Oil Conference in Perth.  
    RIU Good Oil Conference - 5 September 2012  
    17th Asia Upstream Conference Presentation  
Managing Director's Presentation to 17th Asia Upstream Conference in Singapore.  
    Exploration Manager's Presentation to PESA  
Dr Mike Swift's presentation to the Technical Session of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia on 8 May 2012  
    Annual General Meeting - Introduction  
AGM Presentation - Introduction & Proxy Details  
    AGM - Managing Director's Presentation  
Annual General Meeting - 1 May 2012 - Managing Director's Presentation  
    AGM - Exploration Manager's Presentation  
Annual General Meeting - 1 May 2012 - Exploration Manager's Presentation  
    Oil Council Conference November 2012 Presentation  
Presentation by Managing Director to the Oil Council's World Energy Capital Assembly in London on 17 November 2012.  
    PNG Gas Developments Conference 2011  
Presentation at PNG Gas Developments Conference at Cairns on 15 June 2011  
    11th Papua New Guinea Mining and Petroleum Conference  
    2011 AGM Meeting Presentation  
Presentation used for formal part of AGM on 5 April 2011  
    2011 AGM Managing Director Presentation  
Presentation given by Managing Director at the AGM on 5 April 2011  
    2011 AGM Exploration Manager Presentation  
Presentation given by the Exploration Manager at the AGM on 5 April 2011